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Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has many benefits for dogs including: muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration, relief of pain, swelling and stiffness, promotion of relaxation, joint movement, increased range of motion of affected joints, improved circulation, and cardiovascular fitness. We also believe that hydrotherapy can benefit dogs who currently have no physical ailments but need additional safe exercise, or owners who just want a new, fun way to interact with their pets and keep them healthy.

Hydrotherapy Treadmill

Canine hydrotherapy treadmills allow for adjustable water levels. This means resistance and buoyancy can be changed for individual muscle groups and injuries, and buoyancy provided by the water decreases weight bearing on your dog’s joints, which helps to decrease pain.

Walkin’ the Dog has installed a top of the line hydrotherapy treadmill from Tudor Treadmills (pictured), which features a computer tracking system to monitor each dog’s progress, walk-through design so that your dog does not have to turn around or back out, and the ability to work with a dog inside the treadmill.

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