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“Our Vail dog hiking & walking service or transportation is available from East Vail to Edwards.”

Mobile service was established in the Vail Valley in 1998 and has always been a favorite part of our dogcare business.   Merrill runs this service and is busy every day with group hikes, private home care visits, and pickup/drop-off from daycare. Although we do quite a few private visits for older dogs, very young puppies and cat care, the majority of our mobile service is a group hike and pick up/drop off services.

*Please call to make an appointment as far in advance as possible for all mobile services (970) 476-8197 


Group Hikes/Walks are 1 hour during the middle of the day.  Only those dogs that can be friendly, share space in a car and respond to commands can participate.

Our group hiking is a ‘privilege’ situation and for safety reasons, only dogs with the ability to listen to us as the pack leader may participate. Many owners would like their dog to hike off – leash — we use our discretion for the safety of all dogs to determine if this is possible.

Most of our dogs have been hiking with us on a regular schedule for years — which we love. Group Hikes are available 3 days a week – T, Th, & Sat – for one hour all year long.

*areas outside of our regular route may be subject to additional charges

*currently suspended* Private walks are usually for the older or smaller dogs, and ideal for those pets that need extra precautions because of injuries or rehabbing. Your pet will be picked up at their home (or wherever they faithfully wait for you) and walked for 20 to 30 minutes — usually one on one. Feeding is included if needed. Please call in advance, as appointments are limited.

Whether you are working late, don’t have a car or just prefer the convenience, we can arrange for your dog to come to Dog Daycare via a pick-up and drop-off. Our mobile service will pick your dog up in the morning and drop them off at the end of the day — whatever your needs, we can arrange it. We pick-up and deliver to either homes, office or hotels.

Ella has been hiking with Walkin' the Dog for years. They are her extended family!

Joan Winters
Per Dog/ Group Hikes Rate
1 $50
Minimum Per Private Visit Rate
1 $40
Rate For Pick Up/Drop Off Location
$25 Vail, Wildridge, Avon, Edwards
$35 East Vail, Minturn, Lake Creek, Bachelor Gulch, & Beaver Creek