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“We believe the key to a healthy and happy dog is exercise, discipline and love.”

Our private yard is the largest fenced-in play area for dogs in the entire Vail Valley. If you are new to using dog daycare in Vail, you will soon discover that your pet is happier, satisfied and noticeably tired. Dogs in daycare socialize in packs thus they build confidence and appropriate play skills. While in our care, your dog gets to just be a dog.

We have a large front lobby to meet our clients, complete with viewing windows into the playroom. Our playroom is always staffed with an appropriate number of staff to dog ratio. All our staff is trained by us on dog behavior. Both Marisa and Merrill strive to lead by example and teach the techniques needed to run a successful play group.

We expect our staff to interact and play with the dogs. Our Vail dog daycare center is a controlled and organized environment. The purpose of daycare is to provide exercise, stimulation and socialization. We love for the dogs to have a great time with the correct amount of control.

Each dog is different and so are their play behaviors. We are there to supervise how and which dogs they play with. Over time we are able to know your dog and what is acceptable for him or her individually. We will always give you an honest report on how your dog is doing in daycare.

Let’s work together. We want to work with you to modify any behavioral issues that we may see in the playgroups. While we are not trainers, we do expect your pets to listen to us. We are the leaders of this group of dogs or “pack” and we will discipline accordingly to have a healthy pack. Most dogs learn within a few days of daycare who is the leader and what the rules are.

Room to roam. There are two large play yards and every day varies as to where the dogs are and for how long depending on the dogs we have in daycare. Our outdoor play yard allows for lots of running and lots of fetching. Playgroups are very different outside because of the acre and a half field to run and play in.

Safety is a top priority for us. Those who cannot listen will be worked with and not go out as often. The safety of all the dogs is our top priority. The dogs love the fresh air and the staff has been more than happy to be out there regardless of rain, snow or shine!!


Reservations needed! Call (970) 476-8197


Half Days – AM only (7:30am – 2pm)Pick-up & Drop-off Available
$25 one way *Our daycare and overnight fees are calculated like a hotel. There is a check-in time and a check-out time. Check-out time is 9am.Check-out between 9am and 2pm is the same as a half-day of care. Checking out after 2pm results in a full day charge.*Additional fees may apply to certain areas of the valley*ADDITIONAL $20 FOR UN-NEUTERED MALE DOGS 

Please follow this link to the enrollment form – it will be sent to our email. Please do still contact us to schedule a trial so that we may meet your doggy needs!

We love Walking The Dog! Marisa and Merrill and the WTD Staff care for our dog as if she is their own. Thank you for making our life and Bella's so special!

Kiki Schmidt

Rugger gets a great workout while I'm at work. He loves his friends at WTD!

Joe Green

She is always exhausted coming home and plays her heart out! Every time we drive to WTD she is ecstatic in the car jumping from the front and back crying in excitement. Not to mention the photos the wonderful staff take are frame worthy and sit above my fire place. We love WTD!

Rue LyonsMy Border Collie Cameryn
Full Day Half Day
Per Dog $65 $50